e-Valley New Prime Logistics Park in Europe

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Welcome to E-Valley, the largest e-logistics park in Europe

Spanning 320 hectares, this innovative hub is dedicated to e-commerce, hybrid commerce, and warehousing. E-Valley boasts an approved building permit for 5,920,150 sqft of warehouses, with over 80% already constructed, and an additional 8,611,000 sqft reserved for future industrial and logistics projects. Strategically situated with direct access to the A2 and A26 highways. Committed to sustainability, E-Valley is partnering with ENGIE to achieve carbon neutrality, underscoring its dedication to environmental standards. The park also features a comprehensive range of services, including training and recruiting centers, which support the development of a skilled workforce and foster local employment opportunities.
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Some strong statistics




sqm of warehouse space


more than 1300 jobs created


With 550,000 sqm of warehouses and 300,000 sqm of land reserves, the storage area can be scalable according to the needs of logisticians who decide to implant at e-Valley, thanks to a modular cell system with storage areas ranging from 6,000 to 150,000 sqm. Some strong statistics 320 Hectares

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An optimal geographical location

The site is ideally located just 1 kilometer from the A26 motorway, connecting Calais to Reims. The A26 intersects with the A1 highway, providing easy access to major cities like Paris. Valenciennes is only 35 km away, Brussels is 140 km away, and both Antwerp and Paris are 180 km away. Additionally, the A2 highway links the E-Valley logistics hub to Northern Europe, significantly enhancing connectivity and logistical efficiency. This strategic position ensures excellent access to key destinations, making it highly advantageous for various needs.

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New prime logistics park in Europe

Castignac has achieved multiple triumphs thanks to the Evalley project.